Enlightenment and Wisdom by Gary Bate

Someone once said to me, “you're not enlightened”. I never replied, but I should have said, “how would you know?”.

People have some weird ideas about enlightenment. Some think that an enlightened person will always be nice to them. Others think that an enlightened person will always meditate and or wear a crystal. Some think that an enlightened person will always be loving, but of course that is in compliance with their concept of what love is. Maybe joy is the realisation that all of this is an illusion.

Enlightenment means 'in knowledge of'. You've either got the knowledge or you haven't. All that you could possibly want to know awaits you – you just have to ask for it.

Wisdom is housed in your Soul; it belongs to you and no entity can take it from you. Wisdom and enlightenment are the same thing.

You are not your body; you are what animates it.
You are Consciousness, born out of a void of consciousness. “I AM CONSCIOUSNESS” is a true statement that you should remind yourself of every day. There is nothing evil about the darkness, indeed, you and I came out of it and the rest is history/herstory.

Everything that exists is a manifestation of energy, which there is an endless supply of in the conscious void. All manifestations are somewhere in the electro-magnetic light spectrum, for it is this light that was created from the backdrop of the void. If you look at this spectrum you'll note that visible light is just a small band in it. This spectrum of light was created in succession, as follows: - gamma rays – x-rays – UV rays – visible light – infrared rays - mass. The succession goes from the highest (fastest) frequency of energy to the lowest (slowest) mass.

Visible light was the birth of polarity (duality), where the energy split into +/- and the consciousness also split. All energy carries consciousness and vice versa, for dynamic energy is the movement of consciousness and you and I are it. Visible light is the 'Light Body'. All mass has its image there. It is just a small frequency band in the whole electro-magnetic light spectrum. I AM THE LIGHT and I AM CONSCIOUSNESS are the same truth. That's not a reference to visible light, but to that which travels through it – you and I.

So far so good? Let's back up a bit. We came out of the void (lights floating on a never-ending sea of darkness). We could not see ourselves but we could see each other. What did/do we look like in Gamma rays? Are we 3d yet or 2d flatlanders? What did/do we look like in the X-ray realm and the UV realm?
We have forms there. What do we look like in this Singularity? Real nice I can imagine because the consciousness hasn't yet split into duality. There's only unconditional love up to the point of the split and we can get an idea of how beautiful our forms are there, from the experiments of the action of consciousness upon water.

For some of you this is going to sound wacky and you'll struggle with it, so I'm publishing this document to give you the opportunity to keep referring to it as you grow. I am not doing it for me and there's nothing 'in it' for me. It is my unconditional gift to you.

Now to the split. Some of us never went that far and stayed in Singularity. They are the angels who know nothing other than unconditional love. They have never had a light body or a physical body. The rest of us (the fallen angels) split in the visible light realm into +/- polarities. This is the science of Soulmates, when what we are split into opposite polarities and continued the journey separately, even though we are connected to our Soulmate through the ether.

As the light body we don't have a 'physical' body yet – the frequency of the energy has to be slowed further in order for the consciousness to coagulate into mass. All mass, including our bodies, is coagulated consciousness. The physical body was created before we, as consciousness, descended into it and gave it the breath of life. The physical body itself is obviously also polarised this far down (male/female). So here we have +Spirit/+Body (male), -Spirit/-Body (female), -Spirit/+Body (crossover) and +Spirit/-Body (crossover). Making sense?

Not all of the fallen angels descended into flesh and blood. Some stayed in the Light body and they are capable of huge swings in their consciousness. Thus some are saintly and some are evil and their forms depict their consciousness, just like our bodies depict our consciousness.

They are called angels of light or lords of light. They are cowards because they never plucked up enough courage to go further and experience this physical.

A split energy has to sustain itself and thus is unlike a wholesome energy. This is why a masterful being doesn't need to eat. So we eat to sustain ourselves and the lords of light sustain themselves by feeding upon our emotional energy. We've all got demonic entities feeding off of us; they are mind parasites.

This is why we find it difficult to change and to ditch old patterns of behaviour. The light beings are manipulating our thinking to make us emotional in order to suck our energy for their sustenance. They absolutely love power and they don't care if you are the instigator or you acquiesce, if you are the tyrant or the victim; either way they are feeding off of you. The more emotional you are, the more demons you've got playing you. It's all an illusion.

So are all of your thoughts your own? Some of them are and some of them are programmes from above. As below so above.

There is more that you need to know. Not only do the 'Lords of the Light' feed off of you whilst you're in a physical body; they 'take you' when you fall off your perch! Because they have never experienced this realm directly, they can only do so by being you through your memories. This is how they can masquerade as your parents 'in the light' when you let your body die. So you go to them and they burn away your memories and you are left like the worst case of alzheimer's disease. But you do still have all the wisdom that you have accrued because this is not emotional memory.

Wisdom sits in your Soul and that can't be snatched away from you. The intelligence of a physical body is its genetics. You wait for a genetic match for your Soul's wisdom and you re-enter through the birth canal. Your wisdom is now in your body genetically as well as in your Soul. As you experience life and accrue more wisdom (you change your mind) you upgrade yourself genetically and this is what you pass on when you produce a body. Either way, wisdom in your Soul is yours to keep forever.

If your wisdom resolves all of your emotions or said another way – if you resolve all of your emotions into wisdom, then you are beyond the light. The light trap is an emotional trap. The emotions also have forms. They sit in infrared, which is like the negative plate of the light. Think of it like taking a picture with an old camera. This World has its image in the light body and infrared sits in between.

People think that their lives are all important and what they are doing is all important too. The only thing that is important is enlightenment and wisdom; all else is illusion.

I don't know about you but I think memory is a very important thing, for without it how do we retain the skills we've learned? I mean, how to cook, your favourite recipes, how to fish, how to quilt, how to drive, how to ride a horse, how to ski, how to eat, how to be a surgeon or a carpenter etc. Our skills and knowledge base are different things to the wisdom we've concluded. It's not that we are our memories but our experiences do enrich us and without them we'd have to keep re-learning what we already previously knew. So to me it's not about whether we're 'alive' or 'dead' but whether we've got our memories or not. Think about it – is this not the most critical thing?

How do you know your memories got stolen? Can you remember your previous life? That's how you know. Or are you one of these silly people who think that their lives only started when their Mother's birthed them? Come on – who/where were YOU in the 19th century? If life was only from the cradle to grave, it wouldn't make any sense.

The 'angels of light' don't care about you; they are 'memory snatchers' and you are just sustenance for them. Get over it. Do you really want to come back here in your next life and re-learn everything you now know?

Your body is the physical expression of your mind and as you change your mind so does your body change. You want to see your state of mind? Go and look at your body in the mirror. If you were expressing unconditional love, you wouldn't look like you do and you wouldn't have the ailments you've got. Of course this applies to me too!

Remember, you are a child of the void; you are not a child of the Light body. If you want to remember this life then you have two choices - you either move beyond the light whilst your in your body (become enlightened) or you turn away from the light (take the imageless path to the void – the darkness) when you make the transition. Even if your loved ones are in the light, you will have no memory of them if you go there because the loving feeling from the light is the stripping away of your memory! You have the memory NOW. Have you not reasoned that your grand-children or great grand-children are your parents? They're back in the same family because their family genes match their modicum of wisdom.

Look at the mind control that is coming through the World's media, the religions, the wars, the saints, the sinners, the gurus, the priests, the corrupt politicians, the banksters, the mafia, the emotional masses, the fiasco of the election, the fear of WW3. What is being fed?

You cannot say that the light is good or positive and the darkness is bad or negative because that is not the case. Both polarities exist in visible light (scientific fact) and thus both saintly and evil live there as well as all in between. As above so below. What's here is there but amplified. God, the source, is in the imageless darkness that exists beyond visible light. That's where I am heading..

We should never fear death because we are not our physical bodies. Our bodies just give us a sense of self and a perspective coming from our own wisdom held genetically. We should be more concerned with the quality of our own consciousness and becoming enlightened. None of us have been astute enough to avoid being over-shadowed by these mind parasites (also known as Archons). However, we now have the opportunity to give them nothing to cling to.

I want to say one more thing here, so that people are clear about the evolutionary journey. Moving beyond the light, wisdom, enlightenment and ascension are all the same thing. When we descended into the light, we lost the other half or ourselves and that other person is elsewhere on their own evolutionary journey. We can, of course, find our Soulmates, but that doesn't complete us because, although we are eternally connected to our Soulmate, we are entities on our own unique journeys. So how do we 'complete' and move back above the light (ascend)?

Whether we are male or female or crossover, we are to balance the hormones of both genders within us. When we do this we don't take on any physical characteristics of our opposite gender; we simply open up to that nature. So for me, as a male, I am to become more loving, gentle, nurturing, caring, kind, generous, indeed, to take on my softer female side. Females are to balance the male within them. Crossovers became crossovers to remind themselves what they are here to do. The balancing of both sets of hormones within the individual is what brings joy because god is neither male or female but both. Ascension is completion; it is the wholeness derived from the union of male/female.

It doesn't matter whether we have intimate relationships or not, because ALL of our opposites are mirrors to us. Men mirror to women what women need to own within themselves and women mirror to men what men need to own (balance within self). The result? The strength of the man coupled with the love of the woman.

How do you know that you are progressing and your male/female hormones are balancing? You will be more attracted to your opposite and you will dream about your opposite gender. This can be a very confusing time. What you are really experiencing is the surfacing of the other half of you! This is why the deity who represents unconditional love, Shiva, is neither male or female but both.

The error is thinking the 'outside' is more real than the 'inside' and social consciousness feeds this. But when we realise that it's really the opposite and the inside is what is real, then we see how we attract what we contemplate internally. Doing the internal work to be a god (the balancing of the male and female) is the quintessential expression in this life.

This World will never change unless there is some kind of divine intervention and that is unlikely to happen because then you'd have a populace of worshipers, which is too risky a strategy. If the people's focus stays 'without' then the people will continue to be the victims. If a person turns 'within' then they empower self. Trying to change the external is a lost cause - even the revelation of the truth doesn't change anything for the better in a World that is completely manipulated (rigged). This World is the home of the anti-Christ. You don't have the power to change it; you can only escape it. How do you do that? You balance male and female within you by focussing on love and God (use the Rose as a symbol). When the two become one Christ is born in the individual. Why? Because God is not half but both balanced against a feather. You cannot return home as half a being.

I am IS. I am consciousness. It is what I am. I am not my body; I am sure about that because I have been 'out of my body' many times in this life. My body is a manifestation from consciousness as all else is. Am I ageless? Of course I am! I have always been ageless and so have you. My body follows my mind and your body follows your mind. You age because you believe you do and everyone else you know ages because they believe the same as you. You have made an incorrect association. You have associated yourself with your body instead of associating yourself with that which animates it. Thus you think and talk from the point of view of your body and your body follows your dictates. You are its lawgiver. The good news is, you can change all of that right now if you choose to.

I never appreciated that my physical body was/is just the 'mass representation' of my light body; it is the resolution of my light body into mass. My light body not only surrounds my physical body; it interacts with it at the 3rd chakra (energy vortex), which is at the level of my solar plexus. My light body is a polarised consciousness and thus so is my physical body. So it's a bit like I am wearing my light body - my astral body as flesh.

What if we ditch the consciousness of the light body? Will our physical bodies disappear? No. Because there are 4 other bodies that underpin the light body. Without the light body the physical body has to 're-mould' itself to the next body up the frequency chain. What body is this? It's the UV body in the Heart centre. The significance? The UV body is not polarised and it's no accident that it interacts with the physical body at the Heart chakra - more specifically, the consciousness of it activates the Thymus gland (when we ditch the light body), which releases an immortal gene. Imagine wearing a physcial body that has re-moulded itself around the consciousness of unconditional love. Here's to us all going BEYOND the light!

The reason you want to keep your body and develop yourself is because your intelligence is in it. To take that to the zenith and fully realise who and what you are, is both Christ consciousness and the ultimate in Personal Development ~ Gary Bate.


All I know is – you are the same as me and we're all in this together. That's why I write. If I can give you a thought that helps you at sometime(s) in your life then I've been a good brother to you.

We are living 'in the light' now because this World is the physical manifestation of it. That's why there are good people here and evil people here. Unfortunately for most of us, the evil ones control this World and although they are few in number, they are ruthless and very clever. As long as you live by their rules and pay their taxes, they will let you live out your little bubble of reality and even extend that a bit for you because it's profitable to them.

You go to their schools of indoctrination and you get educated about their system of slavery, but of course it's camourflaged as comradeship because they know you love being the same as others are. You follow the gravy train and you try to fill your imagined pot because this has been sold to you as the height of human achievement and you run on fear, the fear that you don't have enough or never will. It's all an illusion.

You die and you get more of the same because you're still 'in the light'. But now it's amplified and the masks are off. Wooooow evil looks very different here. You're in the light with no memory of being here and you're given the option of coming back here with no memory of ever being there! It's a double wammy!!

But there's something there deep in you and you see it in nature. So naturally you enquire, “where is the love in humanity?” Where is God in all of this? If there is a loving God then why this fucked-up mess? God is above it not in it...

The light and its physical expression is the trap that was created by cowardly gods who never descended all the way down into mass and we have been their victims for eons. If all that descended into visible light had completed the journey into mass, then all would have done the return journey and all would be Christs. Because of this glitch in evolution, we now have to get passed all the lies and illusions in order to know the truth.

I mean, can you really believe what I am saying here? Can you really believe what anyone says? Can you really believe the heavily edited books of a few fishermen? The word of God! PMSL

A magician may manifest something in his hands right in front of you and it may be a genuine manifestation, but what does it mean? What does it mean to you and your life? The only way you can know the truth is to experience it for yourself – you have to take the philosophy and prove/disprove it, otherwise nothing is the truth and everything potentially is. If you get a teacher who gives you a load of half-truths and doesn't follow up with the deeper truth then you are going to be utterly lost in this lifetime.

Following your path of joy towards enlightenment is such a misleading statement because the concept of joy means different things to different people and some even confuse it with happiness. If joy is what you experience when you are absent of all emotions then it's never going to be a straight path. Imagine a relationship without all those emotions...now there's a refreshing thought.

Inner peace is not acquired by some mantra or by paying a guru to keep reminding you; it is how you are when you've worked it all out. The level of ignorance here is astonishing – some people even believe that there's certain knowledge one cannot know! All the knowledge is available to the ones who desire it enough. Open yourself up to know..

~ Gary Bate.

* There's a lot more knowledge in both of my BOOKS